Family Picture from 2010 Reunion

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Number Name Born Died
- John More 24-Feb-1745 01-Jan-1840
4 Jonas More 22-Mar-1778 05-Mar-1853
47 Henry McKinstry More 24-Oct-1812 02-Jul-1888
471 James Ezekial More 05-Jun-1834 14-May-1904
4717 John McIntosh More 13-Oct-1875 13-Feb-1963
47172 Herbert Richard More 06-May-1910 15-Nov-1981
471721 John Albert More 26-Jun-1935
4717211 Richard More

Points of Interest

Aerial view of Roxbury, NY

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View a video of the Jonas More house located at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown NY

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